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The Program

Connect& offers scalable community-based programs to spark meaningful connections and deepen intergenerational bonds. The program can be adopted in diverse environments, fostering lasting change and social cohesion for communities across the country.  

How it works

The Connect& program is intentionally designed and tested so that connections formed between participants are central. Our secret sauce is in the experience. Curated activities change each session, and create an opportunity for co-generational discovery. Group sharing and reflection reinforces a sense of community. Each session propels participants towards strengthening the bonds between generations. Together participants build new social connections and overcome feelings of loneliness.


Games to meet each other

We start with a warm and open check-in, setting the stage for genuine connections.

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Celebrate each others' activities

Throughout the event we engage in meaningful conversation and close our classes by creating space for participants to reflect on the experiences they've shared.

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Intergenerational experiences

Experience something new together to spark a shared experience where everyone can equally learn and share from their own lived experiences

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More opportunities to connect

We end by creating a space to further connections. Looking for someone to brainstorm a big decision with? Need a hand learning how to use your new phone? Find support within your community.

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Why it Works

Ready to host your own Connect& event?

We work with partners to create the perfect Connect& experience for their community. Below are some examples, but contact us to explore ideas that work for you!


An interactive intergenerational storytelling session that encourages connections, creativity, and the co-writing of a short story.


Focusing on the fixed income realities of seniors and college students, this session challenges participants to identify meals that can satisfy their wallet, health and appetites.


By promoting a healthy, active lifestyle and honing body mindfulness, cross-generational dancing can improve participants' connections with their peers and themselves.


Uncovering the hidden talents of participants across generations, painting promotes unfettered creative expression and self-discovery for artists of all ages.

Your idea!

Connect& is infinitely adaptable to you and your community. Is there something you're passionate about and want to share? A skill you want to learn? Connect& is the perfect place to do so in community.

Connect& one-offs

 Session Series:
Connect& AI

AI has the potential to revolutionize communication and amplify unheard voices. Connect& AI fosters mutual learning and problem-solving, drawing from shared interests such as technology, digital skills, or hobbies and enabling participants to explore new horizons while building meaningful relationships.


Sessions within this series include:

  • AI Storytelling: Using ChatGPT, partners will write a story that captures the fictional possibilities for their future friendship.

  • Art with AI: Using Playground AI, partners will develop a series of artwork that illustrates their similarities.

  • Children’s Book through AI: Using everything they've learned from ChatGPT and Playground AI, partners will write a children's story about an unexpected friendship between generations.

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