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How we do it.

Connect& is not your typical _______ program. It's a call to action for every younger and older adult seeking new, genuine human connections. It's a chance to learn new skills, give back, and form lifelong relationships with likeminded neighbors. It's a network of impactful nonprofits and community spaces with the tools to change lives.


Connect& is a source for intergenerational communities, and it's more important now than ever before.

The surgeon general has identified social isolation as an epidemic impacting the mental, physical, and emotional health of younger and older adults nationwide. To confront this issue, Connect& strives to bring people through thoughtful programming to form rewarding relationships and communities of affinity. Building on the evidence that social connection improves life trajectories, we aim to prove that rejoining people from different age groups supports the free exchange of different ideas, insights, and experiences.

Connect& creates the opportunity to bring communities together in new ways. To learn more about our past, present, and future, visit Our Story. To discover what an intergenerational relationship can be for you and yours, Get Involved. For any inquiries about sponsorship, please contact us.

The secret to growing older is to never let the child in you die. 

Guy Pfeffermann

Former Chief Economist of the International Finance Corporation at the World Bank; Connect& sponsor and client.

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