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Our Story

We envision a world where young and older adults come together to inspire, learn, and uplift each other, fostering an environment of understanding, empathy, and lasting friendships.

Our Why

We break down generational barriers and combat loneliness by creating meaningful connections between people of all ages through shared experiences.

Our How

Bridging Generations. Breaking Barriers.

Race Competition in Nature
Baking with Mom

Lead with the heart

Through our conversations, research, interviews, and feedback, it became clear that the best way to create intergenerational connection was to focus on community building. Connect&'s success will rely on collaboration, listening, and creativity as the foundation of its design in order to create a space for these interactions to flourish and to build a culture of inclusiveness across ages. 


Q1 2023

Q2 2023

Q3 2023

Q4 2023


Q4 2022

Guy Pfeffermann, Intergenerational Support Project sponsor, felt troubled by the age group segregation overtaking the US and came to the Normal Next C/Corps team with a question: "What would a scalable concept look like which would bring together older and younger persons around common interests?"

Over the course of a 10-week design sprint, the C/Corps team of passionate young adults refined that question to answer: "In a time when social isolation has reached epidemic levels, how can we forge connections across generations that foster health, well-being, and sense of purpose for all?" The idea of Connect& was born. Thanks to C/Corps NN009 members Ilia, Arrany, Kristen, and BJ.

Next, we explored how Connect& might bring generations together around a shared new topic. The inaugural high school C/Corps cohort designed and tested a Connect& Artificial Intelligence series. The creation of virtual engagement and ongoing connections transformed how Connect& evolves. Thanks to C/Corps NN010 members Angel, Gunn, Hannah, Jonathan, Kahliya.

Connect& ran pilot programs, testing the programming and its impact. We discovered that young adults and aging adults alike found the events fun and increased their sense of connection. 

We are actively growing the Connect& community and seeking partners to offer Connect& programming!

Why it matters

Intergenerational connections are more important than ever. The US is the most age-diverse and age-segregated it's ever been. Loneliness and social isolation affect younger and older adults, the ramifications encompassing mental, emotional, and physical health. Research shows that intergenerational engagement has a positive impact on cognitive, social, and health outcomes. Meaningful social connections contribute to better life trajectories. We build on this evidence, believing that bringing together people of different age groups is conducive to qualitatively different ideas and outcomes.

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SSIR indicates that younger and older people are the most isolated individuals in our age-segregated society. This research guides our innovative approach to bridge generational divides between young adults and retirees.

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Nearly half of Americans report experiencing measurable levels of loneliness. United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy calls attention to the health challenges this creates and proposes a framework to increase connection across the country and improve communities' health.

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People of all ages want to work
across generations. shows there is widespread interest, but too many barriers. Connect& reduces those barriers and makes it possible for anyone to find fun in a multigenerational space.

Join the movement

Connect& is conducting pilot programs with like-minded partner organizations across the country. In our startup phase, as we strive to reach our audience and realize our goal of helping people of all ages across the country, your support is the key to our successJoin us and our current partners to play a vital role in the success of Connect&.


Hannan Center of Detroit partners with Connect& to kick off their intergenerational program between a local high school and retirees.

blue zones project.png

Blue Zones of Florida uses Connect& to create a healthy environment between a local university and elders through a ten-week program using AI to co-create a children’s story.

YMCA Florida’s Brown Family Center uses Connect& to promote relationships between students and elders through programs like storytelling, painting, video games, and more!

AARP Florida celebrates their members' unique skills by sponsoring Connect& sessions on line dancing, cooking, and more, in turn deepening their existing relationship with their nonprofit partners.

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